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Perhaps the best summary of our hopes would be the words Jesus spoke when teaching His disciples how to pray …

Your Kingdom come; Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

These are powerful words with far-reaching implications. They remind us that God’s Kingdom isn’t a wish for the future, but a present and ongoing reality! They call our diverse community — liberal and conservative, traditional and not-so-much, young and old — into discipleship that we might be conformed into the image of His Son. And they invite us to join Him in the work He’s already doing — bringing His Kingdom (not ours) to bear upon this world.

One of our favorite quotes is by a scholar named Luke Timothy Johnson. He writes,

[The Church is to be] a sacrament of the world’s possibility. A sign of what the world can be.

That’s our highest hope! That we would be a sacrament of the world’s possibility! That we would love radically and generously — regardless of age, race, orientation, ethnicity, marital status or disability. That we would be a “first-fruits” of what Creation will one day become when God sets all things to rights.

At Ekklesia, we want to be a safe place for the doubting, for the devout and for everyone in between! We want to ask good questions and live into the answers. Your questions are welcome here. Your convictions are welcome here. You are welcome here.

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Thoughtful Faith

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We hope to engage our Raleigh community thoughtfully with charity and humility so that we become part of the conversation around us. “Because the Bible says so” is an inadequate answer.

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Loving Community

We want to be a place where family happens. Family is never perfect, but it is certainly good. It is less about “agreeing on all disputed matters” and far more about “regarding each other’s needs as one’s own.”

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Radical Generosity

This is how the early church changed the world — by following Christ’s example in pouring themselves out on behalf of the world around them. This is why we give a third of our offerings away Bracciale Artigianale women ARTBR07 gold Bianco gold bianco Diamante.

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How to find us.

We worship Sunday mornings, 10:30am at Athens Drive High School located at 1420 Athens Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606. Bracciale Bliss women 20061004 gold Bianco Bianco Perla

Ekklesia (Sundays 10:30am @ ADHS)


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“I came looking for a community that would love me as God loves me, “Just as I am”. A community that puts love into action … not just on Sunday. Thank you, Ekklessia!” — Gerard McAllister

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“I’ve never before met another group of people as willing as Ekklesia to sit with you in the dark places and laugh with you in the light. They truly embody what it means to do life together as community. I am so glad and proud to call them my church family.” — Selena Bennett

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“Finally, the search is over … Ekklesia Church at Raleigh.” — Terry Nanny

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patrick-torres“I am thankful for a place where I feel free to question my beliefs, challenge my biases, and rethink faith while feeling secure that the foundation of all of that wrestling is rooted to love and honest exploration of how we can become more and more like Jesus. And there are good snacks.” — Patrick Torres

dick-and-annie-jenkins“Each week is a beautiful worshipful experience where Christ is present. We’ve been to a lot of churches in our 37 years of marriage, but like the wine at the wedding feast in Cana, we feel like Jesus has saved the best for last.” — Dick & Annie Jenkins

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